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How to recognize an essay

There are several signs that are characteristic of this type of work:

The work is written on a narrow topic or a specific issue like handmadewriting reviews. It is not possible to perform an analysis of a broad spectrum issue in the essay genre;
The author does not claim to be exhaustive or in-depth for his article;
The author expresses his personal impressions, thoughts, and ideas about a particular issue;
At the forefront is not the essence of the issue under consideration and the disclosure of the topic, but the personality of the author and his attitude to the issue at hand, his worldview and feelings;
The work brings a certain fresh perspective on the topic under consideration of a new philosophical, critical, historical, journalistic, popular science or literary plan;
Small volume of the work. Usually the essay is no more than seven pages of printed text, and often even less, although there is no certain limits, of course;
A relaxed style of presentation. Free composition and absence of any restrictions gives the author considerable freedom in presenting his thoughts. The author uses a simple and friendly style of narration, without complicating the nature of the work with complicated turns, strict constructions and obscure constructions;
The author offers a view of the subject from different points of view, often showing an unconventional approach.

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