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Classic games associated with favorite childhood

1. Classic Solitaire
The Classic Solitaire Card Game is powered by the Standard Solitaire Card Game. Your task when participating in the game is to move the cards in the correct order.
Eye-catching graphic design,
The gameplay is simple but attractive.
Simple game interface is easy to operate.
2. Classic Pikachu
Your task when participating in the game is to find the same animals. Because the classic games has a time limit, you need to complete the challenge as quickly as possible.
Online game mode: solo between two people.
Support the hint function.
Equipped with a pause feature.
Simple interface, easy to operate.
Equip multiple levels.
3. Classic chicken shooting game
Your task when participating in the game is that within 90 seconds, you have to shoot down as many chickens as possible.
Nice graphics.
Simple interface, easy to play.
Attractive gameplay.
Interesting sound effects.

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