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Warehousing Companies in India

Emiza is the most trusted logistic , supply chain service provider and best Warehousing Companies in India . With a customer-centric approach and deep expertise in logistics, we empower your business to grow rapidly and scale new heights. Our tailored services are designed to fuel rapid growth and seamless scalability, ensuring your operations are efficiently managed and your customers consistently delighted. warehouse services .

The storing and managing of inventory waiting to be sold online is referred to as ECommerce warehousing. In some cases, the warehouses are owned by the eCommerce companies; however, in most cases, this function is outsourced or contracted to 3PL providers who manage the fulfillment function end-to-end for the eCommerce company.

Custom bonded warehouse securely store goods by exporters and importers until they can identify the correct market to sell these goods. These are typically warehouses owned by a business or a third party logistics (3PL) provider like Emiza but are under the control of the custom authorities of that country and so are called Custom bonded warehousing . third party logistics companies


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