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14 Structure of a Candidate's Thesis - by justdomyessay.com

Regardless of the branch of science and the level of scientific work, the thesis includes: introduction, conclusion, bibliography and, as a rule, at least three chapters. Often the research work requires supplementation in the form of appendices. The formatting of the work is regulated by GOST 7.0.11.

During the work on the introduction, it is important to consider several points. It is necessary:

necessarily indicate the relevance and practical significance of the problem under consideration;
Analyze the level of development of the topic, briefly describe it;
Highlight the main goal and objectives of the research work;
Do not omit explanations about the object or phenomenon under study;
briefly outline the methodology of future research;
indicate the provisions that will be important during the defense of the work;
the prospects for application of the results and their approbation.
It is the thought-out structure that will allow the applicant in the first year of study to submit the required reports to the department without much trouble. In addition, it will make it much easier to get credit for research work.

In the second semester of the first year, a dissertation outline is sometimes required to be submitted to the committee. A scientifically sound research paper structure will allow such a plan to be written as quickly as possible. In some universities, the plan-prospectus is provided at the same period when the sample research topic is approved, so you should not procrastinate with the structure of the work. An author's abstract will also be necessary, as the preliminary work done will allow the main points of the dissertation to be presented as informatively as possible.

In more detail on the structure:


The 1st page is of course the title page;
then comes the table of contents and contents;
if any, it is necessary to indicate the list of abbreviations you used;
4-5 chapters;
conclusion (may not be present, but it is better to write it);
practical recommendations (in theses on pedagogy and psychology);
list of references;
appendices (obligatory);

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