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What are the maintenance instructions for the magnetic pump?

Magnetic pump is a new product newly developed by Jiangda Pump Industry, which overcomes some shortcomings of gear oil pump,

1. Broken shaft

The magnetic pump shaft is made of 99% aluminum oxide porcelain. The main reason for the fracture of the pump shaft is that the pump runs empty,

2. The lift is insufficient.

The reasons for this failure are: there is air in the conveying medium, the impeller is damaged, the rotating speed is insufficient, the proportion of the conveying liquid is too large, and the flow is too large.

3. The bearing is damaged.

The magnetic pump bearing is made of high-density carbon. If the water supply of the pump is cut off or there are impurities in the pump, the service life of the bearing will be directly affected.

4. Insufficient flow.

The main causes of insufficient flow are: impeller damage, insufficient speed, high lift, blockage of debris in the pipe, etc.

5. The magnetic pump cannot output liquid.

The magnetic pump can not output liquid, which is a common fault of the pump. Check whether the air in the suction pipe is discharged, whether the liquid injected into the magnetic pump is sufficient, whether the suction pipe is blocked by sundries, whether the pump reverses (especially after replacing the motor or repairing the power supply circuit), remove the pump to check whether the pump shaft is broken, and check the moving ring of the pump. Check whether the stationary ring is intact and whether the carbon bearing is closely connected with the pump shaft.

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If you're ever having trouble with your magnetic pump, it's important to follow the coreball maintenance instructions carefully. The pump should be drained and cleaned every time it is used, and it should be replaced if it becomes defective.

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It is a typical problem with magnetic pumps that they cannot pump liquid. Inspect the suction pipe to see whether the air is being released. geometry dash subzero

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