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Guide To Play Booking Bet Easy Win in Football Betting

What is a Booking Bet? Nowadays, the football betting market has become more popular among many football enthusiasts. The diversity in betting options has somewhat reflected the excitement of betting. However, this diversity also leaves some players confused, unsure of how to make the right choice. The type of bet related to these yellow and red cards is a form of betting that many people eagerly anticipate. It piques the curiosity of many newcomers who want to learn how to play. Let's explore this through this article with Wintips.

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What is a Booking Bet?
In football, any violation, whether major or minor, can result in a player receiving a booking card. These cards are the referee's tools to maintain control and order in every match. When watching the game, spectators not only anticipate decisive goals or beautiful passes but also want to witness the fiery disputes among the players. This is the foundation for bookmakers to provide a very interesting type of bet to betting enthusiasts. It is called the Booking Bet, or Total Bookings.
With this type of bet, you don't need to worry about the outcome, score, total goals, etc., of the teams. What you need to pay attention to is the information about the yellow and red cards issued in each match. The general principles for betting on this type are:
This bet only applies to cards issued by the main referee to players currently on the field.
This bet does not count the cards given in extra time or penalty shootouts.
A yellow card is worth 1 point, while a red card is worth 2 points. However, if a player receives two yellow cards, it is counted as 3 points.
A player can accumulate a maximum of 3 booking points in one match.
Thanks to its predictability, the Booking Bet is favored by many. It is considered more appealing and exciting than other betting types. So, you can confidently add this bet to your betting options.

Popular Booking Bet Types at Bookmakers
If you think that this type of bet is simple and only involves predicting the number of bookings in a match, you are not entirely correct. In reality, it is divided into various betting types. Here, Wintips will introduce the top 3 most popular Booking Bet types:
Handicap Booking Bet
The gameplay of this type of bet is similar to the Asian Handicap bet that you often see on betting websites. When playing this bet, participants need to predict the number of bookings between the two teams. The favorite team will give a certain number of bookings to the underdog team. The bet result will be calculated after the conclusion of the official 2 halves of the match. Currently, at bookmakers, you can choose to bet on the first half or the full match. The specific rules are as follows:
The system calculates the betting result based on the number of red and yellow cards issued by the referee in the match.
The handicap odds are provided by the bookmaker and may change during the match. You can follow this through the bookmaker's odds comparison chart.
Yellow cards are worth 1 point, and red cards are worth 2 points.
So, these are the popular Booking Bet types you can explore at various bookmakers. Enjoy the excitement and strategy involved in predicting card counts in football matches!

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Booking a card bet in the style of Over/Under
This bet is not too complicated but requires players to think critically. The bookmaker will provide a specific number for predicting the total number of yellow and red cards. Players need to guess whether the actual number of cards will be more or less. Specifically:
Over (Over): Place this bet if you believe the actual total number of cards will be higher than the bookmaker's odds.
Under (Under): Place this bet if you believe the actual total number of cards will be lower than the bookmaker's odds.
This bet can be placed for either the first half or the entire match. The bookmaker will settle the bet immediately after the official results from the referee.
Asian Handicap Card Betting
This bet is quite straightforward, and you can refer to how Asian Handicap betting works to understand it better. In this bet, participants predict which team, either the home team or the away team, will receive more cards.
There are three options in this card betting:
1: Bet on the home team receiving more cards.
2: Bet on the away team receiving more cards.
X: Bet on both teams receiving an equal number of cards.
Other Types of Card Betting
In addition to the above betting styles, bookmakers offer various interesting card bets, such as:
Predicting which team will receive the first or last card.
Predicting whether the first card will be yellow or red.
Predicting whether the last card will be yellow or red.
Predicting whether each team will receive an even or odd number of cards.
Predicting the time of the first card shown.
Predicting the player who will receive a card.
Please note that the bookmaker's card betting odds for different matches will vary, and they may change at different times. It's essential to carefully observe the betting options before placing your bet.

Tips for Winning Big in Card Betting
This type of bet is relatively easy to predict, but it requires participants to have a good understanding of each team's playing style. The occurrence of cards is often related to on-field incidents and can be challenging to control. Here are some tips to help you make better predictions and increase your chances of winning in card betting:
Study the playing style of both teams: A team's playing style often determines the frequency of cards. Teams that focus on attacking are more likely to receive cards because they constantly move and challenge for the ball, leading to more collisions. On the other hand, defensively-oriented teams are less likely to receive cards. Keep this in mind when placing your card bets.
Player characteristics: This directly affects whether a player receives a card or not. In football, some players pay little attention to following the rules, making them more prone to receiving cards. Notable names with numerous red or yellow cards include Gerardo Bedoya (46 red cards), Cyril Rool (27 red cards), Sergio Ramos (26 red cards), Alexis Ruano (22 red cards), and more.
Nature of the match: The level of intensity and the referee's actions in a match depend on various factors. Matches between rival teams often feature intense attacks and more cards. Also, direct elimination matches tend to be more heated, and players take advantage of every opportunity to commit fouls.
Referee: The referee is the one who directly shows cards, so you need to pay special attention to them. Research who the main referee is for the match to analyze their personality, perspective, and attitude towards the teams.

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In Conclusion
These are the detailed insights into card betting and some tips to help you confidently place your bets. We hope this information is genuinely helpful and supports you in making informed decisions when wagering on football card bets. Join high-level betting action at various bookmakers to win exciting prizes. Wishing you great success and becoming an expert in the field of football card betting


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