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What Is Football Parlay Betting? A Guide on Calculating Parlay Bets

Bookmakers often offer a variety of bet types to attract players' interest. Among these, parlay betting is a type of wager that has the potential to yield significant rewards for players. However, not everyone understands what football parlay betting is. Let's delve into betting tips in football of football parlay betting with Wintips.

What is Football Parlay Betting?
Parlay betting, also known as combo betting, Multiple Bet, Accumulator, or Mix Parlay, is a particular form of betting where players can combine multiple selections into a single betting ticket.
In this type of play, all selections must win for the player to receive a payout. Despite seeming risky, parlay betting has the potential to turn failure into victory with just one successful sweep. With low stake amounts, you could stand a chance to win substantial prizes.
Of course, if any selection within the parlay loses, you lose the entire bet and won't receive any rewards.
Thus, parlay betting can be seen as a high-stakes game, demanding a trade-off between risk and significant rewards. Only experienced players with a deep understanding of football have a chance to succeed in this type of betting.
Popular Types of Parlay Bets
Apart from understanding what parlay betting entails, you also need to consider the different types of parlay bets when engaging in betting. Parlay bets are categorized based on the number of matches and the number of bets placed, as follows:
If you bet on 2 matches, it's a Double parlay.
If you bet on 3 matches, it's a Treble parlay.
If you bet on 4 matches, it's a 4-Fold parlay.
If you bet on 5 matches, it's a 5-Fold parlay.
If you bet on 6 matches, it's a 6-Fold parlay.
If you bet on 7 matches, it's a 7-Fold parlay.
If you bet on 8 matches or more, it's an 8-Fold parlay and so on.
Specific Example of a Parlay Bet:
To illustrate, consider a match between Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool. In a 3-match parlay, you might place bets such as Chelsea with a handicap of 2.25 and Liverpool with a handicap of 0.25.
If all your bets win, you'll receive a payout of 8.98 times your initial stake.
However, if only 2 out of 3 or 1 out of 3 of your bets win, you'll lose your entire initial stake. Parlay betting demands knowledge of betting and is a form of gambling that balances risk with the chance for substantial rewards.
Guidelines for Calculating Parlay Bets:
Before you start tracking and participating in betting, you need to choose how the odds are displayed on the sportsbook interface. One commonly used and easily understandable method is the Decimal display, as it presents odds in a simple and specific manner.
Calculating Parlay Odds when All Individual Bets Win:
In the scenario where all your individual bets in the parlay win, the parlay odds can be calculated using the following formula:
Parlay odds=Odds of Bet 1 x Odds of Bet 2 x Odds of Bet 3 x ... X Odds of Bet n
For instance, if you bet on 3 individual bets involving Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United with odds of 2.16, 2.09, and 1.99 respectively, your parlay odds would be 2.16 x 2.09 x 1.99=8.9837.
If you bet 100,000 VND on each unit, upon winning the bet, you would receive a total of 898,370 VND.
Calculating Parlay Odds in the Case of Draws/Half Loss/Half Win:
In situations involving draws, half losses, or half wins, calculating parlay odds becomes more complex. Especially when engaging in Asian Handicap or Over/Under bets, consider the following scenarios:
If there's a draw or the bet is canceled: The odds for that bet will be replaced by 1.
If there's a half win: The odds for that bet will be calculated as [1 + (odds for that bet - 1) / 2].
If there's a half loss: The odds for that bet will be replaced by 1/2.

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The precise formula for these cases will be:
[Parlay odds=Win odds x (1 + (Half-win odds - 1) / 2) x 1/2 (if half-lose odds) x 1 (if draw odds) …]
Specific example:
In the case where you place a parlay 3 with the following odds:
Match Result: Real Madrid 1 - 0 Fulham, Odds: Fulham -0.75 (Odds: 1.90), Result: Half win.
Match Result: Barcelona 1 - 1 Liverpool, Odds: Over 2.25 (Odds: 1.80), Result: Half lose.
Match Result: Stoke 0 - 0 Manchester United, Odds: Stoke +0.5 (Odds: 1.95), Result: Win bet.
With the above results, the parlay odds you will receive are: [1 + (1.90 - 1) / 2] x 1/2 x 1.95=1.4137.
If you had previously placed a bet of 1,000,000 VND for each unit, upon winning the bet, you will receive a total of 1,413,700 VND.
Effective parlay betting tips
Parlay betting is a complex form of betting, reserved for those with deep knowledge and experience in this sport. Therefore, if you are just starting out and don't have enough information about football teams and the sports situation, prioritize choosing teams with clear information and a controlled situation. This helps increase your chances of winning and higher betting odds.
For example, Manchester United, Barcelona, and Liverpool all have high win rates when playing individually. However, when facing each other, no one can predict which team will win more. Therefore, heavily betting on a parlay can become challenging.
If you are new and want to try your hand at parlay betting, you can start by parlaying a single match. This means you will try a 3-leg parlay (Asian handicap, European handicap, and Over/Under odds in the same match).
This process allows you to focus on analyzing and gathering information about the two teams participating in the match. This helps betting tips group on telegram understand the specific situation better and improve your betting odds.

Thus, Wintips has shared what parlay betting is and how to calculate parlay odds in detail for newcomers. Hopefully, with this information, you've grasped the opportunity to confidently participate in betting. Don't forget to visit the website of reputable football tipsters to update useful football knowledge.


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