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Introduction to Three-Way Handicap Betting
Three-Way Handicap Betting (3 Way Handicap), also known as Three-Way Spread Betting, is a type of betting offered by bookmakers based on Asian Handicap odds combined with European 1×2 odds.
Players have three options similar to European 1×2 odds: Home Team – Away Team – Draw.
The difference between Three-Way Handicap Betting and Asian Handicap lies in the fact that Asian Handicap odds offer football betting ratios such as -1/4, -1/2, -1, while Three-Way Handicap only includes rounded handicap odds like -1, -2, -3, and so on. Three-Way Handicap Betting has two main types: first-half Three-Way Handicap and full-match Three-Way Handicap. The betting outcome depends on the corresponding result after either 45 minutes or the entire match.
Currently, this Three-Way Handicap can be used to play various goal-related bets and is relatively popular in the Vietnamese market.
How to play bets in Three-Way Handicap Betting
Understanding how to play is the first requirement to participate in betting. Here are the relevant details regarding gameplay in Three-Way Handicap Betting that you need to remember. Specifically:
Betting options in Three-Way Handicap Betting
Many online football betting sites often offer three betting options for Three-Way Handicap Betting. Specifically:
Home Team: Betting on the home team to win the match.
Away Team: Betting on the away team to win the match.
Draw: Players win if both teams end in a draw.
Through these betting options, you can see that the betting format of Three-Way Handicap is quite similar to European odds. However, these two types of odds are fundamentally different.
This is evident in the fact that each betting option corresponds to the handicap odds for either the home or away team, along with the associated odds for each bet.
When to play Three-Way Handicap Bets
In Three-Way Handicap Betting, bettors are given three options to place their bets, with the handicapped team being given a certain number of goals. As a result, the home win prediction in this type of bet are generally higher compared to many other betting options. Additionally, the likelihood of a draw is relatively high in Three-Way Handicap Betting.
Participants in football betting with Three-Way Handicap Betting can place bets either for the first half (halftime) or for the entire match (fulltime).
Some major bookmakers often offer a form of live Three-Way Handicap Betting, meaning that players can place bets throughout the course of the match.
This feature is also a significant attraction for many betting enthusiasts engaging in this type of bet.
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Calculating stakes in Three-Way Handicap Betting
The calculation of winnings for Three-Way Handicap Betting is similar to European odds. Specifically:
Winnings=Bet Amount * Bookmaker's Odds for the corresponding bet.
In the event that a player places a Three-Way Handicap bet, but for some reason, the match cannot proceed as scheduled, the bookmaker will have to refund the betting amount to the player.
Guide to analyzing odds in Three-Way Handicap Betting
In general, Three-Way Handicap Betting has a relatively straightforward gameplay, not as complex as Asian Handicap. Here is a specific example to help you better understand how to play Three-Way Handicap Betting:
Example: When a player wants to participate in Three-Way Handicap Betting for the EURO 2021 Round of 16 match between Italy and Austria.
In this match, the bookmaker designates Italy as the favored team, and Austria as the underdog.
On the odds board provided by the bookmaker, there will be options for Three-Way Handicap Betting, including:
Home Team (-1): Indicates that Italy is giving Austria a 1-goal handicap. If a player bets on this option, there are several possible outcomes at the end of the match:
Italy wins over Austria with a margin of 2 goals or more: The bettor tips win the bet.
Italy wins over Austria with a 1-goal margin: The bet is a draw, and the bettor receives a refund.
Italy loses to Austria: The bettor loses the bet.
Away Team (+1): If Austria is given an additional 1-goal handicap against Italy.
If a player bets on this option, there are possible outcomes at the end of the match:
Austria wins over Italy: The bettor wins the bet.
Austria loses to Italy by 1 goal: The bettor draws the bet and receives a refund.
Austria loses to Italy by 2 goals or more: The bettor loses the bet.
Draw (Away +1): Players bet on both teams drawing, while still maintaining a 1-goal handicap for Austria.
If a player bets on this option, there are possible outcomes at the end of the match:
Austria loses to Italy by 1 goal: The bettor wins the bet.
Austria draws with Italy, Austria wins, or Austria loses by 2 goals or more: The bettor loses the bet.
Some considerations when playing Three-Way Handicap Bets
No matter which bet you engage in, if you want to win, it's essential to grasp the insights and experiences of previous players. Three-Way Handicap Betting is no exception. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when playing:
Only take Three-Way Handicap bets when you have comprehensive information about both teams and their current form. If there is a significant difference between the two teams, the chances of winning the Three-Way Handicap bet will be higher.
Pay attention to the odds offered by the bookmaker for Three-Way Handicap Betting.
Choose suitable football matches. Opt for games where there is a clear power dynamic between the two teams. A standard bet is one with odds ranging from moderate to high, ensuring a relatively decent profit even with a small stake.
Don't focus solely on Three-Way Handicap bets; explore and play various types of bets. Instead of sticking to one option, diversify your bets among the three outcomes. This type of bet is relatively easy to play, and with a little attention, you can achieve success.
The article on Wintips betinum has shared knowledge related to Three-Way Handicap Betting, including gameplay, odds analysis guide, steps to participate in Three-Way Handicap Betting, and some considerations when engaging in betting. Hopefully, this information is helpful for betting enthusiasts, enabling them to relax and achieve success in this type of bet.



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