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Guide to Effective Betting on the European Handicap for Beginners

Currently, the European football tournament (Euro) is one of the prestigious competitions eagerly awaited by many fans. Matches within this tournament framework bring about much excitement, drama, and especially when participating in betting. So, what are the good Euro betting odds and how to effectively bet on the Asian Handicap? Let's explore these issues in european football tips detail with Wintips in the following article.

Why are Euro football betting odds so popular?
All matches within the Euro football tournament always bring a myriad of emotions to players. Not only are they highly professional, but the players also include world-class superstars. Euro betting odds also present an opportunity for quick wealth accumulation for those who love football betting.
Currently, there are many reputable online bookmakers offering Euro football betting odds to serve fans worldwide, including Vietnam. To increase competitiveness and attractiveness, bookmakers have introduced various types of odds, especially those with high winning odds.
Euro football betting odds provide players with comprehensive statistics on winning probabilities, match form, and many other detailed parameters. These important pieces of information will assist players in predicting which team has a higher chance of winning. Based on these analyses, players can make the most accurate predictions.

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Guide on How to Play Euro Football Betting for Beginners
As mentioned above, in Euro football betting, you have the opportunity to participate in various interesting forms of wagering. Below, Wintips will guide you on the most accurate way to play Euro football betting:
How to Play 1×2 Euro Bet
The 1×2 Euro bet, more commonly known as the European handicap, is considered relatively simple and easy to understand compared to other types of bets like Over/Under or Asian Handicap. Therefore, it attracts many players, especially in Europe and the Americas. Nowadays, it has gradually spread to Asian countries, including Vietnam.
The 1×2 odds will be provided by bookmakers based on analyses of the strength, lineup, and form of the two teams. Players will then analyze this information to bet on which team will win, lose, or if the match will end in a draw.
How to Play Even/Odd Euro Bet
Playing the Even/Odd Euro bet is straightforward but not necessarily easy, making it less suitable for beginners. When participating in this type of bet, players simply bet on whether the total number of goals scored in the match will be an even or odd number.
Usually, bookmakers provide limits and suggestions on the number of goals scored to assist players in making more informed choices.
How to Play Over/Under Euro Bet
Similar to the Even/Odd bet, playing Over/Under Euro bet involves wagering on the total number of goals scored in a match. However, bookmakers will provide specific odds for each match. Players then bet on:
Over if they predict that the total number of goals scored in the match will be higher than the bookmaker's odds.
Under if they predict that the total number of goals scored in the match will be lower than the bookmaker's odds.
How to Play Corner Kick Euro Bet
Although just a supplementary type of bet, corner kick bets in Euro football have attracted considerable attention from players. When participating in this bet, you need to predict the number of corner kicks in a football match. You can choose to bet on the total number of corner kicks or whether it will be an even or odd number.
Understanding the rules
The most effective way to bet on Euro Bet is for players to fully understand the rules. By doing so, you have already grasped 70% of the winning chances. Failing to understand the rules may lead players to fall into the bookmaker's trap, resulting in losing everything.
Placing bets based on the bookmaker's assessment
Before setting the odds, the bookmaker will surely analyze the actual situation of both teams competing against each other. From there, they will know which team is more likely to win. Consequently, the bookmaker will provide assessments on the odds table. Players need to regularly update information on the match situation to avoid falling into the traps set by the bookmakers.
Placing Euro Bet based on the handicap odds
Typically, teams that are considered superior always have to give a handicap to their opponents. This will be the basis for us to make assessments when placing Asian handicap bets. Therefore, players will have the most general view of the upcoming match.
Based on the bookmaker's odds
Teams that are rated low by the bookmakers will have higher odds compared to teams that are rated high. Therefore, players need to carefully analyze and evaluate the overall situation of the match. Avoid being too greedy, leading to losing all the betting money.
Understanding Exact Score Euro Bet
As the name suggests, the exact score bet allows players to accurately telegram betting tips predict the score of a match or even a half of play. Players analyze and select a preferred score provided by the bookmaker to place their bets.
If the match result matches the score chosen by the player, they win the bet and receive the corresponding prize. Otherwise, they lose the entire amount wagered.

In this article, Wintips has introduced you to simple and accurate ways to play Euro football betting. Hopefully, this shared knowledge will assist you in your betting journey. Good luck!


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