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What is an outright bet? What makes this type of bet interesting? Why do many people choose to bet this way?
If you're looking for a straightforward betting style, where you just place your bet and wait for the outcome without much deliberation, then dive into this article.
What is an outright bet?
An outright bet is a prediction on which team will win or be victorious in matches or throughout a season. The result of this bet is only announced when the final winning team is determined.
However, these bets are often opened even when the season is just about to begin and continue throughout its duration. Typically, outright betting is available in all leagues but is more common in major tournaments such as the Champions League, Bundesliga, La Liga…
Similar to other types of bets, the odds for outright betting in the betting markets will constantly change according to the progress of the matches.
Popular types of outright bets
Here are some of the most popular and interesting ways to bet outright bets that many players love today:
Betting on the final outcome: Betting on which team or player will win in a particular match.
Betting on the best team or player in the participating region. For example: the best team in Asia, the best team in Europe, etc.
Betting on the winning team in the group stage.
Guide to understanding outright bets
This type of bet involves best soccer prediction app various aspects of a match or an entire tournament. Any information can be bet on, such as:
Whether there will be penalties
Which team wins in a penalty shootout
How many yellow or red cards there will be
Which team will win tournament X
Which team will advance to the finals
Which country will have the tournament champion
Which team will be relegated
You just need to check the corresponding odds provided by the bookmaker for each bet and place your wager accordingly.
Next, to help you understand outright bets better, I'll share how to calculate winnings as well as some tips and experiences for you to explore.
How to calculate outright bet winnings
Calculating winnings for this type of bet is quite simple. The amount won will be equal to the amount wagered multiplied by the odds ratio provided by best telegram tipsters.
The odds ratio will be displayed on the score table in a format similar to European odds. Outcomes not covered by the bookmaker will be displayed in the bet slip as AOS.
Usually, in this type of bet, the team listed first is the home team. You need to understand this rule to avoid confusion when selecting bets.
Suppose a player predicts the full-time score between Wolverhampton and Brighton to be a 1-0 win for the home team. In this case, the odds ratio for a home win is 7.8 (1 to 7.8).
If the player bets $100 and the final score of the match is indeed 1-0 in favor of Wolverhampton, the player wins the bet, receiving a payout of $100 x 7.8=$780.
So, I'm sure you can answer the question of how much an outright bet pays when won, right?
3 tips for successful outright betting

full time home win prediction the exact score of a match is clearly a very difficult task. This explains why the reward ratio for this type of bet at bookmakers is often very high.
Here are some tips for playing outright bets that you can refer to in order to increase your chances of winning:
Master the rules of reading odds
One of the important things when playing outright bets is mastering the rules of reading these odds. Understanding how odds are constructed, explaining the meaning of each number, allows you to fully understand the intentions of the bookmakers.
This will help you protect your interests in case the bookmaker intends to change the result or deceive.
Participate in various betting forums
Betting is a game that requires luck and careful observation skills. While luck is a random factor, observation skills require players to seek reference and learn.
That's why bettors should actively participate in football betting forums, interact with experienced players to develop their own playing style.
However, this does not mean you have to follow the crowd. This is also the reason why they easily make mistakes when betting. You should remember that football is a sport that always contains many surprises, so not every majority opinion is correct. It's your money and you need to spend it wisely in each bet.
Choose bets based on performance form
This is one of the ways to win outright bets you should pay attention to. For teams considered weaker, players should not give too high odds to the stronger team. In addition, you should also pay attention to the following cases:

If the match is between two evenly matched teams, it is advisable to choose scores that are close or do not change much, such as 1-0, 1-1, 0-0, 2-1...

If it's a match between two teams with disparate strengths, you can look at the handicap odds to place bets. For example, if A gives B 2 goals, you can predict A will win against B: 3-1, 2-0...

If both teams play defensively, it is advisable to bet on scores with not too many goals, such as 0-0, 1-0, 1-1, 2-0...

Conversely, if both teams play attacking football, choose scores with a large number of goals.

Where to play outright bets?

An important note when engaging in betting is to choose reputable and quality bookmakers. This choice greatly affects the outcome of your bets.
Currently, there are many fraudulent bookmakers, manipulating odds, intervening in results, and altering players' bets. Therefore, to help you find the best quality betting platforms, I would like to introduce you to Wintips.
Wintips is a popular betting platform loved by many betting enthusiasts nowadays. Here are some advantages of betting on tip win:
Appealing and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and place bets.
Partnerships with major banks in Vietnam, offering various deposit and withdrawal options such as bank transfers and e-wallets.
Fair and civilized gaming environment with ample support for players.
Stringent security measures in place.
Competitive odds for betting.
Above are the details about outright bets that I wanted to share with you. Hopefully, you will be able to achieve many big wins when betting on this type of bet.
I really enjoy playing outright bets, even though I always include a few other popular bets, I can't overlook outright betting.
At the beginning of the season, making a quick bet on the champion team, for example, sometimes pays off big time at the end of the season, lifting my spirits immensely.
Give it a try and feel the excitement!



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