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Restaurant in Nice with unique cuisine

Near the port of Nice, between the sea and the mountains, a stone's throw from the Italian border, there is a real gastronomic paradise - the restaurant Les Agitateurs. This small authentic restaurant with jasmine and climbing wisteria is the ideal place for those looking for a unique experience and taste sensations.

Les Agitateurs is located on the corner of rue François Guisol and rue Bonaparte, and is a real starting point for new horizons of gastronomy. This cozy restaurant combines stylish interiors and a relaxed atmosphere, creating the perfect place for a romantic dinner, family lunch or business meeting. Look on the website Michelin Star restaurant in Nice

One of the main advantages of Les Agitateurs is their varied and unique menu. Here you will find dishes prepared from the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The restaurant's chef skillfully combines traditional recipes with modern trends to create true culinary masterpieces. From excellent seafood to exquisite meat dishes, from light salads to exotic desserts, Les Agitateurs will find something to suit everyone's taste.

To discover Les Agitateurs' unique menu, you can visit their official website. Here you will find a detailed description of the dishes, as well as learn about special offers and promotions that are held in the restaurant. In addition, you can book a table on the website to be sure that your place in this cozy corner of gastronomic pleasure will be guaranteed.

Les Agitateurs is not just a restaurant, it is a place where every guest feels special and welcome. Here you can enjoy exceptional dishes, impeccable service and a cozy atmosphere. Come to Les Agitateurs and let yourself be immersed in a world of tastes and pleasures.


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